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Ballasted single-axis tracker

Single-axis tracker POPLIGHT and POPLIGHT MINI

trackeur 1 axe saison
trackeur 1 axe POPSOL

The single-axis solar tracker comes in two versions : POPLIGHT and POPLIGHT MINI.


- POPLIGHT with 2 to 6 vertical panels

- POPLIGHT MINI with 2 horizontal panels ; adaptable for use on roofs. 

Tilts and performance

The tilt of the panels is adjusted monthly with a simple pedal - optimizing energy by orienting the panels' angle to the sun.

The bifacial panels generate energy on both sides : 100 % from the front and up to 25 % from behind.

Together, these functions considerably increase energy production.

We recommend the use of white gravel under the structure to increase reflection.

Foundations are not needed because of the integrated ballast certified according to NF standard EN 9111-1-4.

Size and production

The amount of solar energy you produce is precisely adapted to your consumption. It can evolve as needed with simple, fast Plug-and-Play technology.

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